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Terry Puteri Presenter Trans 7 One Stop Football

Who don’t know Terry Puteri, si centil cute and sweet presenter? Terry Puteri begin her popularity as a sport presenter such as One Stop Footbal On Sunday, aired on Trans 7. And now Terry Puteri get a higher level to become a more formal program presenter.

While Terry Puteri is airing on television, we can hear her sweet voice, but sometimes her reading skills is too fast, without comma. But the 158cm Banjarmasin girl success to get a huge popularity. Her sexy and cute body, always looks energetic and sporty is her trademark self-branded marketing, altough now she start to looks more feminim with wearing long gown and formal dress code.

Terry Puteri now still hosting the program One Stop Football On Sunday, while her partner Deasy Noviyanti host One Stop Football (on Saturday).

Terry Puteri Profile :
Name : Terry Naharyana Enani Putri
Birth Place : Banjarmasin, Kalimantan Selatan
Birth Date : 1 Desember 1979
Height : 158 Cm
Religon : Islam
Boyfriend : Aldi Bragie (ex), now Johan (her old friend)

Iklan TV (Endorsement)
Wim cycle, Produks : Advindo ,1996
PRV Electronic, Produksi : Dede Yusuf Prod, 1999
A Mild Soundranaline, Produksi, RT Films, 2003

Radar Pahlawan Kebajikan, Produksi : Indosiar, 2000
Saras, Pembela Kebenaran, Produksi : Indosiar, 2001
Ryo, Penyelamat Bumi, Produksi : Indosiar, 2002
Cowok OK Cewek OK-Warkop, Produksi : Soraya Film, 2004
Putri Duyung 2, Produksi : Soraya Film, 2004
Sheila, (Leading Role) Produksi : Indosiar, 2003, 2004

TV Host
Sensasi Kobatama, (Sport Program) SCTV, 1999-2000
Highlight Kobatama, (Sport Program) SCTV, 2000
Preview Kobatama, (sport Program) SCTV, 2000
Home Sweet Home, (Life sytle) TPI, 2001
Trans Tune-in, (Talk Show) TransTV, 2002
Kuis Transinema, (Kuis) TransTV, 2002
NBA Games, (dengan Udjo P Proj, Sport Program), Indosiar, 2001-2003
WNBA Action, (Sport Program), Indosiar, 2003
Asmaradana, (dengan Slamet Raharjo, Talk Show) Lativi, 2003
Panjat Pinang, (dengan Gugun Gondrong, Games) Lativi, 2003
Road to Vietnam, (Sport Program) ANTV, 2003
Adu Heboh, (dengan Gugun Gondrong, Games) Lativi, 2004
Bola 9 Billiard, (dengan Uli herdianansyah, Sport Program) ANTV, 2004
Presenter Diary Sinetron AFI Menuju Puncak (Reality Show) Indosiar, 2004
Presenter Insert di TransTV

Terry Puteri Photos, Foto and her cute pictures :

terry puteri sexy presenter

terry puteri sexy presenter

terry puteri sexy presenter

terry puteri sexy presenter

terry puteri sexy presenter

terry puteri sexy presenter

Watch Terry Puteri with sexy kemben dress on Insert Pagi Video here


Virnie Ismail Trans TV Extravaganza Sexy Host

Virnie Ismail is a beautiful and sexy girl from Bandung who got famous after appeared in Comedy Show Extravaganza aired on Trans TV. The show Extravaganza really got succeed because the funny and creative comedian like Mieke Amalia, VJ Cathy, Tike Priatna Kusuma, Tora Sudiro, and also Virnie Ismail.

Virnie Ismail alo starred in several Indonesia Sinetron such as Babe, Bulan Berkaca, Kabut Sutra Ungu, Si Toloy serta Jaka Gledek. In Film industry, Virnie Ismail had starred in Rembulan Di Ujung Dahan (2002) with actress Ira Wibowo, and Koper with Anjasmara, Maya Hasan, and Djenar Maesa Ayu.

Although Virnie Ismail always said to be lucky to have such a sexy body and beautiful face, but her love story didn’t end sweet like her face. Virnie Ismail ever gossiped with several actor or businessman like Surya Saputra, Aldi Bragi, but the lucky man now is Ferry Indra Yudha. Ferry and Virnie relationship can be said will be going to marriage in 2010.

Virnie Ismail hot and sexy performance also can be watched on Talk Show “Bedagang” aired on Trans 7 every monday till Friday on 11.30 PM. She hosts the show together with Ilow Ismail.

Photos of Virnie Ismail, hot and sexy :