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Farah Quinn sexy 34D Bra Chef at Trans TV

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Farah Quinn is a host (presenter) of Trans TV’s culinary program “Ala Chef”. Ala Chef is a 30 minutes duration show, focus on cooking and food recipe aired every saturday-sunday on 10 AM. What make Ala Chef now begins so popular is the host Farah Quinn. With her feminime and sexy body posture, Farah Quinn succeed to rise the program become high rated.

After her show rised up very quicky, the popularity of Farah Quinn has boosted up also. Farah now also endorses several products such as Bumbu Masak Sasa, and appeared in man magazines.

Her fans must be dominated by men. Many fans always discuss what is Farah Quinn bra size (Ukuran Bra). We must admit that Farah Quinn is one of not many Indonesia Celebrities who has a beautiful breast. Hmm, Farah Quinn bra size is 34D. Her sexy breast can be compared with Yeyen Lidya, and Magdalena.

Who is Farah Quinn ?

Farah Quinn is known as the sexy chef from Indonesia. Farah Quinn is become more and more popular among Indonesian Celebrity. Not because she was a singer or a movie star but as a host in a culinary program at a television station. Many thought she was chosen to host the program is because her pretty face and sexy body posture, but actually, Farah Quinn is more than qualified because she hold a “Chef” degree with specialization in pastry. Together with her husband, Carson Quinn, Farah Quinn had even opened a four-star restaurant in New York, Camus. But unfortunately the restaurant had now been sold and she still thinking to create a new restaurant.

From elementary school to high school and college in America, cooking still feels exciting for her. She even thought of going back taking culinary school. While studying at the Pittsburgh Culinary Institute, Farah Quinn also worked at Lydia’s Pittsburgh, the famous Italian restaurant in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Graduated from college, Farah moved to Phoenix, Arizona, become a master pastry chef at the Arizona Biltmore Resort. She still learning in World Pastry Championships, and had studied to the pastry experts such as Ewald Notter and Collete Peters.

In 2005, under the direction of celebrity chef James Mullaney, Farah Quinn had a chance to make dessert for the G-8 Summit in Sea Island, Georgia. Thus She served U.S. First Lady, Laura Bush, and a number of other delegations. That year also Farah and her husband, Carson Quinn, opened a restaurant in New York Camus. Four-star restaurant that has now been sold.

Her appearance is as important as the ability to cook. Farah admitted that she love fashion. She regularly to the gym and cardio exercise for 30 minutes three times a week. Farah also love eats vegetable. She would like to transmit this healthy eating habits to the viewers. Health can also be yummy. Beginning with avoiding MSG (monosodium glutamate).

Farah Quinn likes to explore Indonesia beauty also. Before she cooks, Farah Quinn will visit some Indonesia’s exotic place like beach, village, peak, hotel or somewhere, and interact with the local residence. That is the plus point of the Ala Chef program. The culinery is not about how to cook and eat, but it contains the history, how the food comes from.

Farah Quinn profile and Biography
Name: Farah Fauzan Quinn
Birthplace : Bandung
Birthdate : 8 April 1980
Height : 172 cm
Weight : 50 Kg
Husband: Carson Quinn
Child: Armand Fauzan Quinn
Education: Pittsburgh Culinary Institute

* Host a program called “Ala Chef” since November 2008
* Establish a restaurant Camus, 2005
* Chef at Lydia’s Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
* Pastry expert at Arizona Biltmore Resort, Phoenix, Arizona
* Chef at G-8 summit in Sea Island, Georgia, 2005

Photos of Farah Quinn, presenter Ala chef Trans TV
farah quinn ala chef

farah quinn ala chef

farah quinn ala chef

farah quinn ala chef

farah quinn ala chef

farah quinn ala chef

farah quinn ala chef

farah quinn ala chef

farah quinn ala chef

farah quinn ala chef

farah quinn ala chef

farah quinn ala chef

farah quinn ala chef

farah quinn ala chef

farah quinn ala chef

Watch Farah Quinn sexy chef at Cooking Show Ala Chef on Trans TV Video here


List Presenter Cantik and News Anchor di Televisi Indonesia

presenter cantik televisi indonesia

Presenter Berita or News Presenter nowadays become so popular, especially in Indonesia. There are so many new and young beautiful women became a news presenter, especially in live news programme. Besides beautiful and talkative, a woman news presenter must also be smart and critical think.

Some of news programme on Television now has their popular news reader or penyiar berita favorit. Like Metro TV, there are the beauty Frida Lidwina. But the audiences now will turn into TVOne, a news channel TV. Their news concept begin to produce so many beautiful and smart news presenter today such as Tina Talisa, Grace Natalie, Putri Violla, and so on. No doubt, many peoples or fans, are waiting not only for the news, but also for the face and attractive news presenter.

Here is the list of favourite news presenter on Indonesia Television.

Presenter berita MetroTV

Gadiza Fauzi
Tascha Liudmila
Virgie Baker
Zelda Savitri
Andini Effendi
Lucia Saharui
Prita Laura
Eva Julianti
Fessy Alwi
Cheryl Tanzil
Aviani Malik
Marissa Anita
Putri Ayuningtyas
Nina Melinda
Ratna Wardani
Maria Kalaij
Elvita Khairani
Frida Lidwina
Kania Sutisnawinata
Catherine Keng
Sumi Yang
Yvonne Adelia

Presenter berita TvOne

Shinta Puspitasari
Yenny Yusra
Fenny Anastasia
Angga Saraswati
Paramitha Soemantri
Atika Sunarya
Nane Nindya
Hentty Kartika
Veronica Moniaga
Elvira Khairunnisa
Tina Talisa
Grace Natalie
Ratna Dumila
Indy Rahmawati
Rahma Sarita
Astrid Kathrene
Ike Suhardjo
Yunita Prima
Cindy Sistyarani
Seera Safira
Andi Kumala
Susinta Hudi
Icha Avrianty
Putri Viola
Niken Dyah
Dewi Budianti
Farrah Dilla

Presenter berita RCTI

Chantal della Concetta
Inne Sudjono
Catharina Davy
Dentamira Kusuma
Amalia Ghamyla
Isyana Bagoes Oka
Riri Surya
Yulia Supadmo
Joice Triatman
Ledy Simarmata

Presenter berita SCTV

Rike Amru
Juanita Wiratmaja
Nova Rini
Sondang Sirait
Gadis Parengkuan
Winny Arnold
Anastasya Putri
Dwi Anggia
Sella Wangkar
Rosiana Silalahi

Presenter berita ANTV

Eva Chairunnisa
Tengku Fiola
Anastasya Felder
Melati Suryaningtyas
Rahma Alia
Fitri Ekawati
Ariana Herawaty
Paula Kalalo

Presenter berita TransTV

Dian Kencana Dewi
Nadya Amalia
Kaze Pury
Daisy Weku
Annie Rahmi
Woro Windrati
Utrich Farzah
Lisa Namuri Arif
Tessa Anindita
Suci Lie
Novieta Putri

Presenter berita Trans|7

Anggita Suryo
Lianita Mahariza
Mira Khairunnisa
Yani Wihardja
Gita Purnama Dewi
Zweta Manggarani
Lolo Siregar
Lely Hermawan
Hadijah Al-Juffri
Leoni Agustina Diani
Putri Raemawasti

Presenter berita TPI / MNC TV

Winda Cahyadi
Kenia Gusnaeni
Dian Puspitasari
Eveline Jody
Sandra Dewi

Presenter berita Indosiar

Jenny Tan
Nike Kusmarini
Fella Sumendap
Rania Shamlan
Ziza Hamzah

Presenter berita GlobalTV/MNC News

Sutra Kharmelia
Vanessa Aesculapiana
Virgianty Kusumah
Metta Sagita
Risca Indah
Maya Intan
Prita Pia Pramarani
Sendia Berka
Astrid Tayib Napis